Jeffrey Mallon, Professional Organizer
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Business Consulting

Establishing an organized system in your business or office setting is imperative.

At home, it is almost as if we have accepted our level of disorganization, figuring that it is our “own” space. A disorganized professional setting is not only frustrating and stressful but results in lost productivity and can be perceived by both clients and colleagues as inefficient. Lost productivity and a perception of inefficiency leads straight to a negative impact on the bottom line.

If frustrations you can control continue — from finding the right office supplies to the memo you wrote an hour ago — you will have less patience and energy to direct towards customers, clients or colleagues.

We have all seen organizations in action that have an organized system in place. Your business could establish a system that keeps your team in action and your productivity increasing.

  • Efficiency Expert: I can help transform any area that causes frustration or that you would like to function more efficiently.

  • Farewell Assistant: I understand that letting go of some of your cherished possessions can be a difficult process. I combine that understanding with compassion, empathy, a 2-to-1 ears-to-mouth ratio and a dash of (hopefully well placed) humor. I have found the connections that have grown from this path to be very rewarding.

  • Move Specialist: Moving is one of most trying times of our lives. Having a specialist help coordinate your next move could keep you from that vow of: “I will never move again.”

  • Senior Move Specialist: I combine the needs of a move specialist and care of a farewell assistant as moves in the later stages of life are typically downsizing moves.

  • Classes / Presentations / Workshops: Help and support can be available to many people. Likened to expertise in the area of fitness, many more individuals will find a fitness class accessible than those that will have the opportunity to work with a personal trainer. Contact me about setting up a group class to help you get started or take that next step.

  • Precision Handyman Services: A rare blend of handyman skills, attention to detail and careful precision to handle but not limited to hanging pictures and artwork, drapery installations and creative design solutions for those custom needs.