Jeffrey Mallon, Professional Organizer
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Three car garage but the cars don't fit

After: No cars
Center view of a non-working garage
After: Three cars!
Center view of a working garage

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more than a LINEN CLOSET

did you look in the CABINET?

put the GARAGE to work

it's a three car GARAGE
“My husband and I knew we had to do SOMETHING with our garage but we were not in agreement on what should be done. When Jeff came over to discuss this with us, we immediately got to the perfect solution. My goal was to feel calm when I walked through our garage to get into our house. My husband’s goal was to fit three cars in there when, for the past 15 years, we had only been able to squeeze two cars into that space. We achieved all of our objectives and then some. Wow! And now we are putting our house on the market in a few months — our Realtor has told us what a difference this “new” space will make.”