Jeffrey Mallon, Professional Organizer
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Jeff was invaluable in preparing our home for our second child. He was able to help us clear out our guest room, soon-to-be son’s room, and prioritize important versus unimportant items. He also found creative ways of displaying artwork that was previously hidden from view. Jeff’s “ta-da” project was when he installed top to bottom shelving in our garage. We were then given the much needed storage space that was missing from inside our home. This organizing system is incredibly neat, easy-to-use and utilizes unused space. All of my family, friends and neighbors were blown away by this masterful production!

Jeff has a very collaborative approach and offers many options that are in accordance with our style. Jeff did an excellent job of assessing our needs and matching them with appropriate organizing tips. He is full of innovative ideas and his past experience certainly informs his vision. Not only did Jeff improve our home, he also improved our quality of life (because we now live with less clutter). I enthusiastically endorse Jeff Mallon’s services and can honestly say that he is a godsend!

Sincerely, Saira John